Connect your Shopify site with Odicci

Step 1. Go to Settings > Odicci Script to copy your script

In your Odicci account go to settings. From the "Odicci Script" menu, under the "Script" tab, click "Copy" next to the Odicci Script to copy it to your clipboard. You're now ready to add the script to your site or to share it with someone who will set up the Odicci Script on your site.

Step 2. Embed the Odicci Script in the Code for your Shopify Store

Follow the steps below to embed the Odicci Script in your Shopify Store. Once you are logged into your Shopify store:

1. Under Sales Channels go to Online Store and select Themes
2. Select the three dots menu in the Themes section next to Customize
3. Select the action  Edit code

4. Open the theme.liquid layout from the sidebar on the left,
5. Paste your Odicci script before the closing </head> tag
6. Once the Odicci Script is embedded, click  Save and click Preview to activate the embedded script

Step 3. Check Connection

Once you've viewed the preview of the page where you embedded your script, return to your Odicci account in the Settings>Odicci Script>Sites tab and click Check Connection to view your Shopify Store where you will see the URL for the Preview page. 

That's it! Your Shopify site is connected and you can start creating experiences for it.

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