Settings - Odicci Script


In this guide, you will learn how to use the Odicci Script feature.

What is the Odicci Script?

The Odicci Script is a new feature that allows you to publish experiences as popups or iFrames on your website more seamlessly than ever. All that is required is to add the Odicci script to the header of the page on your website where you want the popup to appear and after that whenever you publish a new experience, it will appear on your website.

Thanks to the new Odicci Script, this means that you no longer have to add and remove different popup snippets for individual experiences because with the Odicci Script, your most recently published experience will always be shown without having to change any code on your website.

How do I set up Odicci Script?

You can view and set up your Odicci Script via your Account Settings and clicking the "Odicci Script" option from the left-hand menu.

Once in the "Odicci Scripts" page, click the "Script tab to view the script for your account. You can copy this script and paste it in the header of the webpage where you want your popup experiences to appear when published.

To learn how to connect your Odicci account with your e-commerce site, see the guides below: