Google Analytics

The standard Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager (GTM) tag tracks page views. If your tracking code is set up correctly, a page view will be counted each time an Odicci iframe is updated, whether the publication channel is Facebook, iframe, micro-site, etc.

Add Google Analytics to your experiences

Copy paste your Tracking Code directly into the interactive studio of your experience:

  1. Go to your experience
  2. Click on Studio
  3. Access settings via the cog on the top right
  4. Copy/paste your Tracking Code inside the analytics tab

I followed the steps above and integrated my Odicci experience via iframe on my website, yet pageviews do not show in Google Analytics. Why?

The problem you are experiencing may be related to the fact that the default domain name of the iframe ( is different from the domain name of your site. This often leads to errors and inconsistencies in Google Analytics because Google Analytics cannot, by default, track multiple domains.

To correct this, we recommend you create a specific subdomain related to your website, for example: