Reporting is built exclusively to benefit and track the progress of all the experiences.

This article helps to understand all the features that are built to benefit from reporting

Once login is successful to the platform, it shows a 'Report' menu. Upon selecting, shows all the experiences built inside the account. To go to a specific experience, click 'View reporting' from Actions

The next page shows all detailed reporting to the specific experience.


Audience bar from the left navigation pane shows all reporting information about the audience engagement and impressions which includes Overview, All Entries and Unique entries


Overview shows a graphical chart of all impressions, unique impressions, drop offs and completed entries. The dates for the report can also be customized.

Impressions - This is basically an entry of any activity from the experience (Both Drop offs and Completed entries are considered as impressions)

Unique Impressions - This is an entry of only the unique activity from the experience (Unique drop off and completed entry)

Drop offs - All incomplete entries are considered as drop offs

Completed entries - This is all the successful entries from the experience.

All entries

This shows all the completed entries captured via the experience. Search option is available and the necessary fields can be configured using the configure table. The data can be exported locally using Export option. Also a random winner can be selected for the experience involving a prize draw.

Unique entries

This report shows all the unique completed entries captured via the experience. All other options are similar to All entries.


When using Calendar Experience, this report from the left navigation pane shows the overview and the reports for all days individually


The overview of all the prizes that are redeemed will be displayed in the highest order

Specific Day

Individual day reports can be viewed down below the overview pane. This shows all the entries that has been successfully completed on the specific day


When using prizes in instant win or a prize draw, the reporting shows Prizes in the left navigation pane


This shows the graphical overview of all the prizes of the experience and the number of redeemed and available prizes

Individual Prizes

Below the overview pane, all the prizes of the experience can be seen. Each prize shows report of all the entries of that prize




A report of subscribed and non-subscribed data entries can be graphically viewed through this report. Dates can be customized based on the necessity

Refer a Friend (RAF)

When using RAF experience the report shows up with following details

Dashboard - It is comprised of enrolled referrers, sharers, average friends per sharer and friends.

Enrolled Referrers - These are the people that entered the refer a friend experience

Sharers - These are the customers who shared the offer with their friend

Average Friends per sharer - This is the average number of friends that registered from a single customer

Friends - This is the total number of people who registered after a customer referred them

Audience Referrer and Audience Friend

This report shows the related impressions of both Referrer and Friend. It includes impressions, unique impressions, drop offs and completed entries. 


Reports of different offers to the referrer and the Friend are shown here