Confetti Effect

How to add confetti?

Once you have created your experience and you are about to enter your prizes, you have the option to add a confetti effect for each day of the experience. From the dropdown list you can choose from a variety of options such as Starts, Curls or Default. You may also add your own custom confetti by uploading an image. For the best results, we suggest using SVG filetypes or PNGs.

To add confetti to your prizes, access your Odicci account and choose the experience you would like to edit from your 'Experience' list top left of your screen, then press the pencil (edit) button to edit. 

You will then be able to edit your prize in the Days section, tick the confetti effect button and press the button Save. 

The confetti effect is available for all types of experiences apart from the Survey. 

Video tutorial on how to add confetti to your prize: