Advent Calendar

What is an Advent Calendar experience?

Advent calendar experience can be used for Calendar based event, where you can utilise random prizes/prize rules.

How to create a new Advent Calendar experience?

In order to create a new Advent Calendar, log into your Odicci account and from the home page, access the button 'Create a new Experience'. 

You can now choose to use one of our templates (you can filter the templates by Module and choose Calendar) or you can create a new experience from scratch from the button 'Create New'. 

If you chose to create a new experience and not use a template, you will be redirected to a page where you can pick your Experience type, choose calendar and your experience is now created and will need to be populated with assets.


While setting up the campaign, we have calendar options to select

  • Name - Name your experience
  • Language - Select the language of your experience
  • Select calendar type - Select the calendar type as 12, 24 days or custom the dates
  • Select starting date - Select the date from when the campaign should start running
  • Timezone - Select the city to pick up the timezone
  • Timezone - Tick this box to have dates in random order in your calendar
  • Success Email - Email for users who have entered the experience

Daily prizes setup

Once you have finished your Setup, is now time to organise your prizes for each day of your advent calendar. In the menu 'Days' you will have available 12, 24 or a custom number of prizes.

To edit your prize, press the button 'Edit' located next to each day.

Here you can edit the following:

  • Name - this will help you identify each day of the experience and prize you are offering
  • Type - Winner/Loser
  • Prize type - Rewards/Vouchers
  • Email Template - Personalised emails for all users 
  • Notify Others - You can choose to notify a person or more from your team when the prize has been won
  • Site Filtering
  • Confetti Effect - Please view article

Prize Type

You can choose to offer two prize types, vouchers or rewards. If you are offering rewards for the winners, you will have to enter the 'Number of Prizes' you have available for the day you are configuring. If you have an unlimited number of rewards (example: unlimited % discounts) tick the button 'Unlimited'. 

If you are offering vouchers for the winners, you will have to choose between manually uploading your vouchers or a voucher API. When manually uploading vouchers, a '.csv' file will be required.

Prize Image

For each day of your experience a prize image will be required. We recommend the asset to have the following dimensions: 500x500 px. You can add assets in JPEG, PNG, SVG or GIF format. 


Once your prizes are all set you can now add colour to your blank canvas.

For data capture components or static components please view the following article:

Setting up your calendar

Once your 'Form' is complete in Studio and your data capture elements and layout elements are set you can now create your calendar. 

On this form you can edit the following:

  • Reveal type - Scratch/Peel/Slide/Random 
  • Animation - None/Beat/Swivel/Twinkle
  • Numbering - Auto/Images
  • Number colour - ON/OFF
  • Number size - Small/Medium/Large
  • Layout - Simple Grid/Grid A/Grid B
  • Select your Day images and Prize images

Once you have finalised the look of your Calendar page, you can now move on to the Success Frames. A success frame is the last frame of your experience/ the prize frame. 

There will be a success frame available for each day of your experience (example: 12 frames, 24, custom). Use Static Components to build your success frames brand appropriate. Please access our 'Static Components' article for guidance:

You can also edit the 'Stop/Pause' frame, which is the page that will appear once your Experience is over or if you decide to pause it.