Shake to Reveal

Shake to reveal experience can be used for capturing customer data during events or from consumer goods on packaging for example. Below is an example of a Shake to reveal.

- Build / Studio

Within the microsite builder under > BUILD you can then directly add the form field To add the Shake to reveal, click Add a new frame and select the Shake to reveal.

Below the Shake to reveal will be found the text area which has the following options. All texts have formatting options to change the size, color and style.

Start - Enter the text which will be displayed before shake the image

End - Enter the winner and loser text which shoud be displayed after shaking the image.

Click on the shake area and you will be introduced to the settings part of the shake on the right side where you can configure the following

Cover Image - Upload an image which will be showed as default in the shake area

Prize images - Click this to get the prize images and use edit to change the images

Auto next frame - Check this box to automatically redirect to the next frame and provide the number of seconds to redirect

Desktop reveal button - Check this box to automatically add Reveal button to the bottom of shake area in Desktop

Mobile reveal button - Check this box to automatically add Reveal button to the bottom of shake area in Mobile

Offline / online - For offline / online experience please check here

Integration - Check the integration box for integrating to CRM and the integration can be done in the Confirm screen. Additionally check the "Synchronize NON OPT-IN entries" if opt-in entries needs to be synced to the experience.

Publishing - Once the build is finalised the experience can be published in the Confirm screen. Pop up, Iframe and Facebook codes are also available in the Confirm screen which makes it easy to embed the experience.

Prizes - Prizes can be configured in the Prizes page, you can add as many prizes required for the experience and can assign the notification email and image for each prize, these images will be used in the shake to reveal.