Offline / Online

Offline / Online experiences can be used for capturing customer data in-store, during events or from consumer goods on packaging for example. Below is an example of an offline data capture for retail with one of our Clients.


To setup a similar offline / online experience you will have to:

  1. Design a card or any form of physical support
  2. Define the quantity of prizes
  3. Generate a list of Unique Codes
  4. Build your microsite and add a unique code field to the entry form
  5. Test, Report and Optimise


When you create your new experience, navigate to the studio > click the cog icon (top right corner, in between the help button and test button) > click the "Options" tab > check the box "Use unique codes" (also known as Unique Reference Numbers - URNs). A tab will then automatically be added to the experience navigation bar below.


You can now allocate prizes to your offline / online experience. The total number of prizes will equal the total number of Unique (URN) codes required for your offline / online experience.


When you go to the step > CODES you will be prompted to choose to create unique codes or to import existing codes.

Unless you already have a list of unique codes you wish to use, please select "Create unique codes". For instant win campaigns the number of codes will automatically be assigned - if you need more or less codes you will need to manage prizes and increase / decrease the number of prizes.

In both cases you can add a certain percentage of additional codes - this can be used for testing purposes or to have more codes than prizes in general. 

Once this has been defined you are able to generate your URN codes. A CSV file is automatically generated and downloaded on your computer with all URN codes. These URN codes can now be used for printing on (scratch) cards, flyers or any physical support distributed to your audience. This file can now be sent to your agency / printing company or whoever is supplying you with your offline print material. Make sure you have started working on the design of your physical support as printing can take 4 to 6 weeks.

Once the file has been used for printing it is returned with all the URNs / codes used for printing - this file can then be uploaded into Odicci so it can be used for validation when your users enter a code into the microsite.


Within the studio under > you can then directly add the form field: "Unique Code" - add a field ID and you can now make use of your unique codes / URNs. This Unique Code field can be configured as required / not required - default value is required.

Test, Report and Optimise

To test your microsite you can generate test codes directly under > CODES - test00, test01, test02, .... will be automatically created. In the microsite builder you can then test the microsite.

The reporting can be directly accessed to review results as well as making sure captured data is coming through.