What is a Pinball experience?

A Pinball Experience is a personalised classic Pinball Game that works on the same principle: 'to score as many points as possible by hitting targets and making various shots with the flippers'. The Pinball Experience can be used for gamification where you can allow users to enter a prize draw or simply reward the player who scored the most. 

How to create a new Pinball experience?

In order to create a new Pinball Experience, log into your Odicci account and from the home page, access the button 'Create a new Experience'. 

You can now choose to use one of our templates (you can filter the templates by Module and choose Pinball) or you can create a new experience from scratch from the button 'Create New'. 

Alternatively, if you chose to create a new experience and not use a template, you will be redirected to a page where you can pick your Experience type, choose pinball. Your experience is now created and will need to be populated with assets.


While setting up the campaign, we have calendar options to select

  • Name - Name your experience
  • Language - Select the language of your experience
  • Duration - Set the duration of your experience


You can now add colour to your blank canvas.

For data capture components or static components please view the following article:

Setting up your Pinball

The first Form in Pinball is the Data capture form where you can add all Field Components necessary to your data capture as well as Static Components for design. 

Once your Data capture form is ready, you can now customise your Pinball Game.

In the menu 'Style' you can edit the following:

  • Primary Colour
  • Walls Colour
  • Flippers Colour
  • Buttons Colour
  • Bumpers colour
  • Bumpers hit colour
  • Text colour
  • Background colour
  • Ball Colour
  • Background Image
  • Frame Image

In the menu 'Options' you can edit the following:

  • Number of Balls - 1/2/3/4/5
  • Hide text on buttons

You can set up your Highscores form using Static Components. Please note that the Highscores Frame has a different URL and you will be able to access the link by entering the Frame. 

On your End frame you can set up a CTA button that will redirect users to the Highscores URL. Please see example below:

If you would like to give users the option to play the Pinball Game again, you can create a CTA button on the End Frame. Once you create a CTA button, the menu will allow you to redirect the button to a Target Frame, choose the number corresponding to your Pinball Frame. Please see example below: