What is ODICCI?

ODICCI's content platform enables users to create interactive experiences to build strong relationships and loyalty with new and existing customers. Every type of interactive experience – reveal, games, quizzes, surveys, refer-a-friend – can be published within hours, instead of weeks.

Transform data capture and enrichment into engaging experiences and collect rich and relevant insights about your audience. Turn anonymous offline or online visitors into known people with whom you can foster a relationship. By capturing customer data, you can now engage the conversation in a personal and professional way to convert leads into sales. ODICCI facilitates the connection, enabling brands to better understand their customers and to deliver one to one communications. With the ODICCI data capture solution you can:
  • build data acquisition campaigns in a couple of clicks
  • edit your data acquisition campaign with our visual editor
  • configure intuitive data capture modules
  • integrate social media interactions
  • update automatically any CRM record
  • verify data in real time
  • manage data capture campaigns from CRM
  • leverage reporting capabilities of CRM
  • dose the loop with rule based customer notifications
ODICCI integrates with any CRM/ESP with any data you would like to capture.