Drop Game


A customized drop game can be used for capturing customer data during events or from consumer goods on packaging for example. Below is an example of a Drop Game.

Experience Type

Within the configurator under > Create a new experience you can use two options to create a drop game experience

Option 1

  • Using 'Create New' option to create from scratch
  • Select the type of experience as Drop Game

Option 2

Selecting a template from left navigation page Module > Drop Game 

Build / Studio

Within the microsite builder under > BUILD you can then directly access and customize the Drop module as below

All the features for the Drop module can be configured from the right navigation pane which consists of the below


Field id - This is the name of the field where answers will be stored in the reporting section


Background - The background space for the game area can be styled here

Basket - Image of the basket should be uploaded here. Same image will also be used for the total lives that appears on the top right corner


Items - Images of the drop game should be uploaded here. 

Item value - Each drop image can be provided with a value which will be used to calculate the leader for the leadership board which appears in the next screen once the game is completed

Drop rate - Each drop image has a drop rate which will be used to calculate the leader for leadership board

Additional Options

Offline / Online - For offline / online experience please check here

Publishing - Once the build is finalized the experience can be published in the Confirm screen. Pop up, Iframe and Facebook codes are also available in the Confirm screen which makes it easy to embed the experience.