Ometria Integration

Fire any collected data from Odicci directly into Ometria to increase customer knowledge, build triggers and automations to better engage newly and enriched profiles.


Step 1 - Activate your Ometria Integration

In your Odicci account click on the icon in the top right corner and select settings. Within settings navigate to Integrations, scroll to Ometria and click on ADD.

Make sure you have your Ometria API key at hand and copy / paste it to activate the integration.

If the API key is valid you will automatically you will see a success message.


Step 2 - Field Mapping

In your Odicci experience click on settings (cog wheel inside studio) to access the CRM integration. Click on Ometria CRM integration to activate, select the Ometria list where the data should be fired.

Data fields will automatically appear with Email first being directly mapped with the Email field from Ometria. Click on the + sign to map additional fields.


Step 3 - Test Integration

Once your integration has been setup in Odicci, publish your experience and enter some data to make sure all fields have been mapped correctly.

Then check in Ometria that the data has gone through properly:

Please note:

With this Ometria integration we include in the payload the additional field:

“@force_optin”: true

This forces the event that is included in the “marketing_optin” field.

Step 4 - Custom Fields (Optional)

In your Ometria integration you may want to fire data into other fields than the standard fields presented. In this case you will need to:

1) Ask Ometria to create a custom field in your Ometria environment

2) Create custom field in Odicci under Settings/Integrations (!! these fields are case sensitive !!)

3) Map custom field in your experience with the Ometria custom field

Test your integration to make sure these custom fields are properly being populated.

If you need any additional support do not hesitate to contact the Odicci customer success team.