Refer a friend


Refer a friend experience can be used to Ask your customers to send a link to their friends to share the experience.

To create this go to New Experience > +Create from scratch > Refer a friend


Refer a Friend has Offers section where two prizes need to be set up, one for the referrer and one for the friend

Build / Studio

Refer a Friend has 2 build sections one for the Referrer and the other for the Friend

Referrer Build

“Referrer Builder” is the section where you will set up the main experience for the users to get an assigned link so they can share it with their friends. The link can be shared via Email, Facebook or the link can be copied and shared as well. The email that the referrer gets after sign up, containing the URL to share with a friend, was automatically created for you and can be edited in the engage section in the main menu.

Friend Build

“Friend Builder” is where you set up the experience that the referrer shares with friends by sending the associated link.

- Additional Options

Offline / Online - For offline / online experience please check here

Integration - Check the integration box for integrating to CRM and the integration can be done in the Confirm screen. Additionally check the "Synchronize NON OPT-IN entries" if opt-in entries needs to be synced to the experience.

Publishing - Once the build is finalised the experience can be published in the Confirm screen. Pop up, Iframe and Facebook codes are also available in the Confirm screen which makes it easy to embed the experience.