Profile Quiz


The Profile Quiz is an experience that allows you to ask questions to your customers and based on their responses, show them a particular success page that corresponds to their profile. 

How Does It Work?

For example, if you are a beauty and cosmetics brand and you want to create an experience that suggests certain products based on the type of profile category that your customers belong to, you could create a profile quiz where you ask your customers specific questions about their preferences for beauty products. Each of the responses to your questions is linked with a specific profile. Once your customers reach the end of the profile quiz, the profile linked to the most answers is the profile that will be displayed to your customer.

Creating the Profile Quiz

Creating the Profile Quiz follows the basic flow described below:

  1. To create a Profiler, click "Create New" > "Create Blank" > "Profile Quiz".
  2. In the "Setup" tab, enter a unique name for the experience and configure any other setup options as needed. Click "Save".
  3. In the "Profiles" tab, you can create as many profiles as needed, with a minimum of 1 profile required for the experience. Here you can and and modify elements of the Profile such as its name, image, what rewards or voucher codes to display, and select the email notification that will be sent to customers when the land on this profile after completing the quiz.
  4. In the "Studio" tab, you can create your profile quiz by adding multitext or multiimage frames. In each frame, you must enter your question or statement and provide the different answer choices. Each answer choice has a dropdown menu that allows you to select the profile that should be linked to that choice.
  5. In the "Confirm" tab, you can publish your profiler quiz experience so that it will be live and accessible to your customers.