Cookies Policy

The Odicci Cookie Policy is explained in this article: 

    • Name of Cookie : odicci_id
    • Cookie Host Domain : current document URL
    • Cookie Type (Browser/ Session/Persistent) : Persistent
    • Cookie Expiry (No of Days) : 30
    • Why do you set the Cookie? (targeting, advertising, analytics, social interaction etc.) : To improve the user experience
    • What is this specific purpose of the Cookie (Reporting, Verification, Profiling, Syncing, etc) : Used to record the previous data entered by a user within the experience
    • What Data is collected from the Cookie? (IP address, geo-location, website visits etc.) : Random 64 character string
    • Is the data anonymized or not? : No data is stored in the cookie. It is a key used as a lookup reference to retrieve the previously entered data securely from the database
    • Is this Data stored, and if yes, how? : Yes, inside a secure database hosted within the Odicci platform
    • How is this Data used? : This id is used to fetch any data entered by the user within the experience to assist the user from entering that data again
    • How long is this Data retained? : 90 days by default