Pre-filled frame

What is a 'Pre-filled frame'?

A pre-filled frame will allow you to use the Odicci experience in an email without having to ask your subscribers to go through the data capture form. Once the process described below is finalised and the Pre-filled frame URL is complete, user data from users that enter the experience will be automatically filled in the URL and will show in the 'Reporting' section. 

Please note that users that are not opted-in in your database or have no existing contact in your CRM database, will see the data capture form in the Odicci experience and will have to populate the fields in order to be able to continue. 

How to add a Pre-filled frame to my experience?

In order to add a pre-filled frame to your experience, press the cog on the Form frame. You will then have to tick the 'pre-filled frame' option which will automatically generate a hyperlink 'view URL'. 

*Please note: The URL will differ from experience to experience as well as depending on the data fields you are requiring on the Form frame. For example, if you were to only require an email value, the pre-filled frame URL generated will also contain an email value. 

Any additional values required on the form will also be found in the URL, please see example below with Lastname. 

Once the URL was generated, this will have to be personalised depending on your CRM. The 'VALUE' existing in the URL will have to be replaced by a merge tag specific to your CRM (example: Ometria, Emarsys, etc.)

By using the pre-filled frame you will only be able to pull already opted-in data from your CRM, therefore the 'OPT-IN' value in the URL generated will always be 'true'. Example: The URL generated is ' odicci_lastname=VALUE&odicci_email=VALUE&odicci_opt-in=VALUE' and the opt-in field has to be 'true' so the 'VALUE' that equals the opt-in value will be replaced by the value 'true' as in the following example ''

Please note the odicci_opt-in value 'true' is case sensitive and must always be lowercase. 

For the other data capture fields ( Field Components) such as Last name', 'First name', 'Email', etc. the VALUE that equals each field will have to be replaced by the CRM merge tag. 

For example, when sending an email campaign from your Ometria instance, you would the email merge tag will be replaced by '{{email.to_email_address}}' as in the following example:{{email.to_email_address}}&odicci_opt-in=true

Once your URL is complete and all the values have been replaced by the CRM merge tags, it is now ready to be placed behind a CTA in the email you will send to your database.